It's the casual way of business networking for events.

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We help you to grow your business network, getting the most out of it.
And this is how it works:


BRDGE supports you in finding new people. Based on your setting of distance and some magic by us, we show you professionals you can decide on if they are of interest for you or not.


Since we believe that a business relationship should be based on mutual interest, we connect you with a person you opted in to only if that person does the same on your profile.


BRDGE provides a broad set of functionalities that allows people who achieved a ‘match’ to take that digital relationship into the real life. To see how that works, scroll down.


Discover interesting people around you

Discover people based on your interests and location

You browse through the stack of people BRDGE is proposing to you and decide on whether you would like to connect to this person or not.

Tailored to you

As you discover and make new connections, BRDGE takes note and adapts to your preferences.

Make matches even before you visit an event

How often have you been attending a conference and you struggled with planning meetings and making matches? Never again! With BRDGE Events you will be able to network even before being at the event.

Join events and start making matches before the event

You are able to swipe on other people that joined an event, just like you. That means you are able to make matches before the event, connect and put up the perfect meeting schedule.


When physically being at an event, there will be people that haven’t joined the event list beforehand. Switch on the Event-Mode in the menu and you will see all brdger’s at this location.


Messaging at its best

Once matched, you can start building your relationship with the In-App-Messenger. We build some amazing functionalities so that you can communicate seamlessly and establish new business relationships with ease.

P2P Messaging, Images

Chat with your business match, build a relationship. We think it also helps to be able to send images.

Group Chats

Group chats are perfect for introductions or scheduling a meeting between people.

Join BRDGE and you’ll meet people from some of the worlds leading companies …